Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a licenced by the local authority?

We are fully licensed under Darlington Borough Council, and under the new DEFRA regulations that came into force on the 1st October 2018, we have been awarded 5*. We undergo regular checks to ensure we meet the highest standards of accommodation and care by the local authority.

We go above and beyond on a daily basis to ensure you pets are cared for like one of our own. We have a team of dedicated staff who have level 3 or above in animal management or animal care along with a wealth industry experience.

We have 5 acres to walk your dogs, but we also have three grassed, off – lead fully secure exercise areas for lots of daily enrichments and activity opportunities. We regularly post pictures and updates on our social media platforms (Facebook/Instagram) so you can keep up to date with your pets’ holiday while enjoying your own. If a more private method of communication is preferred this can also be accommodated as requested.

The proprietor lives on-site and there is always someone to care for your pets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I come and view the facilities?

Yes of course. We welcome you to come and view before you book so you can see exactly where your pet is staying. Many customers like to choose a specific accommodation for their pet.

We have an open-door policy and you can view at anytime during our opening times-no appointment needed. We believe we maintain the highest of standards all day, every day, and have nothing to prepare for when showing customers our facilities.

We do however ask that only the owners of the pet comes to view, we like to keep disruption of the animals to a minimum and therefore ask that you do not bring the whole family.

Do our pets need to be vaccinated?

Yes, all cats and dogs staying with us need to show evidence that vaccinations are up to date. This is for the safety of your pet and all the pets staying with us. Please read our terms to see what vaccines are required for their stay with us.

If unsure, you are welcome to email your pets vaccinations over to us and we can check them prior to arrival. If there is a lapse in vaccinations, it will take you at least 3 weeks to get your pet back up to date. Bringing your pets vaccination card on arrival to check in with us is as important as taking your passport to the airport.

No vaccinations or a lapse in vaccinations will result in no entry and no refund. No exceptions. Proof must be provided every time as we will not keep this information on file.

My pet is on a special diet/fussy eater. What do we need to provide/what do you provide?

Dogs: We offer a range of dry (Wagg, Chappie, Iams Adult, Alpha Pup Grain Free) and a range of meat (Butchers Tripe, Chappie, Pedigree Chum Jelly or Gravy) which can be fed in isolation or mixed.
Cats: We offer dry Iams or Go Cat and Whiskas or Felix as the meat options which can be fed in isolation or mixed.
Smalls Animals: species specific food is provided including hay and leafy greens. For those who have fussy eaters we have never not managed to get an animal to eat during its stay. It often just takes time and patience so please rest assure that your pets welfare will not be jeopardised due to fussy eating habits.

Please note all specific diets, such as a certain brands or veterinary prescription must be provided by the owners.

Can I bring my pets own home comforts?

Yes, please do. We provide a range of bedding and all feeding equipment however if you want to pack your pet off on their holiday with some specific items from home you are welcome to do so. You may also bring any special treats/toys, although we do provide treats and enrichment as part of their stay.

We do not provide toys due to health and safety reasons but if you bring your own, they will get plenty of use while your pet is with us. While we take every care, we cannot guarantee the safe return of bedding or toys should your pet damage them or they get misplaced in the washing.

What do I need to pack for my pets stay?

Essential: your pet, their up to date vaccination proof. Optional: toys, bedding, food, medication

Can my pets play with other pets?

No, this is for all pet’s safety whilst in our care, we also feel they benefit from personal time with a staff member.

How much exercise is included in the daily rate?

All dogs in standard kennels are exercised up to four times a day in a mixture of indoor and outdoor exercise areas. All dogs in kennels with inside runs attached will be taken out for outdoor grassed exercise either on a field walk or to off-lead in the secure areas at least once per day, more if time allows. We also provide two daily enrichments, which could include, but not exclusively; scentwork, toy play, training, scatter feed or fusses and cuddles all included in the daily rate.

We also offer an additional exercise service which is a 20-minute field walk or a 20 minute playpen session (25m x 25m secure grassed area with rocks, a tunnel, logs etc for extra stimulation). This is priced at £7 per session for one dog or £10 for two or three dogs if exercised together. This is on top of what is included in the daily rate and it is advised to be booked in advance so we can staff accordingly to suit customer needs.

When do I need to book?

We will always try our best to accommodate your pet, but we do get very busy with our excellent reputation especially in holiday periods, we have a waiting list, so please book as far in advance as you can to avoid disappointment. We take bookings up to a year in advance.
Please see our terms for more details of our cancellation policy.

Can my pets stay together?

Yes, if from the same household only. Cats and dogs must be housed separately. We have various accommodation types to enable up to three larger dogs to stay together.

Please note we will not allow you to house your pets in a smaller accommodation size than what they need, just to allow you to save money. Standards have to be maintained.

Can you pick up and drop off our pets from home?

Yes, of course-area dependant. Please click this link for prices.

Can my dog have a bath while with you?

Yes, we welcome this. Many customers like to have their pooch pampered to end their stay with us. We provide a bath and blast service, using skin calm shampoo with a touch of Aloe Vera.

This is great for getting out all the unwanted undercoat, cleansing their skin and maintaining their coat. Not forgetting they will smell great!
Please note this additional service is advised to be pre-booked at time of booking to avoid us being fully booked if you wait until check in.